Why Get SPURT?

• Digital currencies are becoming normal and desirable.


• If you use a debit card to pay your bills now, you are already using digital currency.


• The rise of Bitcoin has been dramatic.
– Value of Bitcoin on May 31, 2015:  $230
– Value of Bitcoin on Nov. 20, 2017:  $8,260
– Value of Bitcoin on Dec. 5, 2017:  $11,845


• But so has the fall.
– Value of Bitcoin on Dec. 17, 2017:  $19,205
– Value of Bitcoin on Feb. 5, 2018:  $7,209


• If you believe that you have missed the Bitcoin opportunity, don’t worry.  You can now get SPURT.


• If you are afraid of the risk of holding Bitcoin, don’t worry.  You can now get SPURT.  SPURT’s value is stable.


• Today you can open your SPURT account and receive SPURT each month when you work in your community.



• SPURT is international.
– Already 1000's of SPURT account holders.
– This website is for you no matter where you live in the world.

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