You Can Earn this New Digital Currency Called

Do you belong to one of the following categories?
  • Homeschooling parent
  • Stay-at-home parent
  • Caregiver to a sick or elderly person
  • Volunteer in your community working 10 or more hours per week
  • Student or parent paying college tuition, student loans or other education expenses
  • Individual with healthcare expenses, including insurance premiums, copays, pharmacy, alternative therapies, etc.
  • Non-Profit Organization  
You are an important person, and you deserve to be recognized for your contribution to society.

This website will guide you through the steps where you can be compensated every month in SPURT, a new digital currency.

Non-profit organizations can apply for a SPURT grant, and show their volunteers how to be compensated in SPURT.

Each step will reference webpages on the
SPURT and Sound Prosperity websites.  These websites have lots of information.  As your guide and sponsor, I will help you enroll quickly and easily.

You can also find Facebook pages now to follow SPURT and Sound Prosperity.

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