The Future is SPURT

• Alternative digital currencies are gaining momentum.
– Example:  Bristol England created a community currency called the Bristol Pound. 
– Watch this video to see how this community benefited.
• SPURT has advantages other digital currencies do not have.
– Stable value.
– Send and receive payments without fees.
– You can earn SPURT by being active in your community.
• Sound Prosperity is planning to announce SPURT exchangeability into other major currencies in the near future.
– Don’t need to wait to exchange SPURT for goods and services today.
– Log into your SPURT account and advertise your products and services now in the SPURT Marketplace.
• Imagine 1 million stay-at-home parents, caregivers and homeschoolers with 24,000 SPURT one year from now.
– Potential buying power is equivalent to $24 Billion.
• Sound Prosperity is leading the way for all SPURT account holders.
– SPURT can help improve the lives of families today and in the future.