Step 7: Apply for a Job

• Get paid for the work you are doing already as a volunteer, caregiver, stay-at-home parent, or homeschooling parent.
– This is NOT a new job to work for someone else.

• Sound Prosperity is looking for organizations to manage groups of volunteers, caregivers and parents who participate in this program.

   – The organization will get a matching monthly payment (2000 SPURT) for each person in the program.

   – I will pay 500 SPURT to open and account for the organization.

   – I will also give the organization 15,000 SPURT to enable them to open 10 SPURT accounts and pay the annual fee (1000 SPURT) for jobs.

• Each individual registers himself or herself here:


• Send the payment of 1000 SPURT for each applicant to account number 5788362.

  – Send an email to info@ soundprosperity. Org.  Include the name, email address and SPURT account of the applicant.

  – You will receive more instructions by email.

• Upon approval, the organization will receive 4000 SPURT per month to your SPURT account.

  – It is up to the organization to track the participation of each applicant and distribute the SPURT to them.

  – This stipend is available regardless of where you live.  

  – This benefit amount is for residents of the USA.  The benefit amount may be different if you live in a different country.

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