Step 1: Open Your Account

• Go here to create your new SPURT account:


• Select Register in the upper right corner.

– Enter your information
– Enter "Sponsor’s Name" as:  James O’Connor
– Enter "Sponsor’s SPURT acct #" as:  6845319
– Enter "Sponsor’s email used for Paypal" as:

• Create your Login password.

– Save this.

• Review the SPURT Terms and Conditions
        – Check box and SUBMIT.

• When you activate your account (see Step 2), you will receive your account number in an email. 

– This is your login name.  Save this.
– Confirm email.
– Add "info@myspurt. org" to your safe email address list.
– Check your junk or spam folders if you do not see the email in your inbox.

• After you complete Step 2, you will go here to log into your account:


Next:  Step 2 - Activate Account

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