What Can I Do With SPURT?

• Answer:  Same as with any money.

– Earn it
– Spend it

• Every SPURT holder has access to the SPURT Marketplace

– Become a vendor
– Offer a product or service.

• Free exchange of SPURT between account holders. 

– No transfer fees.

• Exchange of SPURT to other currencies, such as USD and Euro, is in development. 

– First step is to convert SPURT to SPURT+ cryptocurrency on the blockchain.  This can be done now.  

• There are many people who contribute to their community, but do not receive any compensation.

– Volunteers and Caregivers
– Stay-at-home parents
– Homeschooling parents

• Sound Prosperity wants to compensate you in SPURT for your voluntary contributions.   

– Monthly compensation to members who live in the USA = 2000 SPURT.
– If you live elsewhere, you can still receive the monthly benefit.  Sound Prosperity will determine the amount.
– Plus compensation for health care expenses.
– Plus compensation for educational expenses.

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