All non-profit organizations are invited to apply for a one-time SPURT grant.  A SPURT grant can support your efforts to help people become self-sufficient as they use their talents and do business in their local communities.

The maximum request is limited to the annual donations received by the non-profit in the most recent calendar year, up to 1 million SPURT.  For small non-profit organization with less than US $1 million in annual donations, our goal is to double your resources for the humanitarian work you do.

 Each non-profit applying for a grant must do the following:

1.  Open a SPURT account.
Make an initial deposit.
3.  Become a Sound Prosperity member.
4.  Complete the grant application.

Once you have submitted the grant application, we will contact you to complete other due diligence tasks to verify that you are a bona fide non-profit. 

What could your non-profit organization do with up to 1 million SPURT?

First, use your SPURT to build a 
local community.  A strong economy depends on the circulation of currency.  Consult with your suppliers and explain to them how they can participate in a new SPURT economy.  Here are two examples of communities improving their local economy using a local currency:
Bristol Pound

Bangla Pesa

Second, leverage the donation you receive by showing all the volunteers in your organization how they can get paid 2000 SPURT per month from Sound Prosperity.  Reach out to all the caregivers and stay-at-home parents in your community and tell them how they can get paid also.  Refer them all to this website so that they get their own SPURT account and “apply for a job”.

Successful grant recipients will be referred to to learn more about how to benefit from SPURT to achieve their humanitarian goals. 

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