In order to enjoy the benefits of SPURT, you must become a SPURT account holder.  Who should open an account?  Everyone, including...
– caregivers
– homeschooling parents
– stay-at-home parents
– other volunteers who donate at least 10 hours per week.
– anyone paying for education, including student loans
– anyone paying healthcare costs.
Then join Sound Prosperity.  Membership is free.
Members who qualify as volunteers, caregivers, stay-at-home or homeschooling parents can receive a stipend of 2000 SPURT per month.
• Every member can receive compensation for healthcare expenses, e.g. insurance premiums, copays, uncovered expenses, alternative treatments, etc.
• Every member can receive compensation for education expenses, e.g. tuition, fees, student loans, books and materials, online courses, etc.

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